Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Portable Coffee Maker?

Our Portable Coffee Maker is a compact and versatile device that allows you to brew high-quality espresso anywhere, anytime. It can heat water or use cold water and is compatible with both ground coffee and Nespresso capsules.

How do I use the Portable Coffee Maker?

To use the Portable Coffee Maker, follow these simple steps:

  1. Add water to the reservoir (hot or cold).
  2. Insert your ground coffee or Nespresso capsule.
  3. Press the brew button and wait for your espresso to be ready.

Can I use both ground coffee and Nespresso capsules?

Yes, our Portable Coffee Maker is designed to work with both ground coffee and Nespresso capsules, giving you the flexibility to choose your preferred type of coffee.

Does the Portable Coffee Maker heat water?

Yes, the Portable Coffee Maker has a built-in heating element that can heat the water to the optimal temperature for brewing espresso. You can also use pre-heated or cold water if you prefer.

How long does it take to brew a cup of espresso?

Brewing time depends on the water temperature and the type of coffee used. Typically, it takes about 3-5 minutes to brew a cup of espresso.

Is the Portable Coffee Maker easy to clean?

Yes, the Portable Coffee Maker is designed for easy cleaning. Simply disassemble the parts, rinse them under running water, and let them dry before reassembling.

What is the capacity of the water reservoir?

The water reservoir has a capacity of 75ml, which is enough to brew a single cup of espresso.

Is the Portable Coffee Maker battery-operated or does it need an electrical outlet?

Our Portable Coffee Maker is battery-operated, making it perfect for use on the go. Ensure the battery is charged before use for optimal performance.

Can I travel with the Portable Coffee Maker?

Absolutely! The Portable Coffee Maker is compact, lightweight, and designed for travel. It's ideal for use during trips, at the office, or even outdoors.

What comes in the box when I purchase the Portable Coffee Maker?

Each purchase includes:

  • 1 Portable Coffee Maker
  • 1 USB TYPE - C Charging cable
  • 1 User manual
  • 1 Coffee Capsule Adapter
  • 1 Coffee Powder Adapter
  • 1 Carrying pouch
  • Accessories

What should I do if my Portable Coffee Maker is not working properly?

If you encounter any issues with your Portable Coffee Maker, please refer to the troubleshooting section in the user manual. If the problem persists, contact us for assistance.

How can I contact you?

You can reach our need help page or email us at caffetinne@gmail.com. We are available to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Do you offer a warranty on the Portable Coffee Maker?

Yes, we offer 1 year warranty on all our Portable Coffee Makers.

Ordering and delivery

Can I place an order without creating an account?

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Where is my order confirmation?

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How do I cancel my order?

There is only a short amount of time between when you place your order and when we start processing it. If you contact us straight away after ordering, via caffetinne@gmail.com, we may be able to cancel your order before it’s processed. If not, we’ll despatch your order and then you can return it to us if you wish upon receiving it.

When will my order arrive?

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Can I track my order?

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Can I return or exchange an item?

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How do I return an item?

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How long does it take to return an item?

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